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Dear Friend,

How frustrating is it to put so much effort into driving traffic but getting only a trickle of new subscribers in return?

  • Are you sick of seeing "0" subscribers in your account month after month?
  • Puzzled on how to successfully transform your browsers into buyers?
  • Do you have the feeling that, "The Money In The List" is just a Marketing Myth?

If you are sick and tired of the OVERWHELMING information out there about list building and feel like you are about to throw in the towel.


Because in the next few moments, I'm about to reveal to you a method that is sooo child's play you could begin in less than two hours.

Giving you the power to possibly increase your subscriber count and skyrocket your income for !

Sounds too good to be true?

Looking back, and if I were to see this Sales letter I could think that too.

So if you give some minutes so that I could tell you more.

Let Me Introduce myself.

My name is Tikyda Couassi-Ble and I have a question for you.

Have You Ever Been Here?

Product after product.

System after System...

Nothing ever worked as advertised...

Leaving you with an even deeper hole in your pocket, than when you first started.

Frustratingly, all of your attempts to make money simply crashed.

It's like once...

You Are Drowned In Information Overload, It Is Difficult To Make Anything Work And Nothing Lives Up To What It Seems.

You started with a clean slate but, with time you start to lose hope shackled by bits and pieces of trainings that seem to create a fog in your mind.

You confidence airs out like a punctured basketball because it FLAT OUT doesn't work.

Because of the doubts that keep on staring at you, you don't feel the same drive when it comes to put things in place.

Frankly, the BARE TRUTH is that discouragement is weighting on your motivation.

It is frustrating.

Consider this fact: It is hard to be focused on one method when it really does not work!

You may be at a point where you have spent this money you can't keep track of and this energy that could have been used elsewhere.

You are not alone. I have gotten several resources that were supposed to help me. I have listened to and watched many slick marketers tell me how easy it would be to have a place in the sun.

Even with that...It did not work out for me.

Here is the scary part: You told your family how effortlessly people where making outrageous sums of cash working from home in their underwears.

Now, you are stressed at the idea that they may ask you how things have been going.

It can make...

You Feel Embarrassed and Ashamed.

Because after several expensive attempts at these supposedly "great products" that had fake scarcity, you barely have two pennies to rub together.

It was once I stumbled upon this "special" list building system that a BIG change happened!...

What Would An Extra $2,000 Do For You?

  • Finally be able to travel 1st class on an airplane without having to hike to the back in coach.
  • Go on extended vacations and visit the most exotic and surreal destinations in the world.
  • Rampup your savings to buy the car you have desired for so long and watch as people treat you with more respect.
  • Fill up your accounts with cash to finally be able to pay your bills on time.
  • Watch in amazement as your daughter jaw drops when the bycycle she has dreamed about is now right in front of her.
  • Once and for All, buy this stunning house you have always wanted and say goodbye to your nosey landlord.

As Plain as White and Black, I Had the Solution Right in Front of Me.

I have tried different techniques trying to make this internet lifstyle real.

  • I crawled my way to the top of the search engine only to be slapped by a violent Google update.
  • After going through several trainings and finally getting my videos shown on the front page of YouTube, I was generally confronted to the frustrating lack of conversion needed to break even on the expenses.
  • I also battled just to get a customer for a misly $5 on Fiverr. Surely not enough to to pay the bills.

To my very surprise the solution had been starring at me.

I was looking for a WAY to make this internet marketing thing work, even though courses I got before fell short of delivering what I was expecting.

I learnt about this marketer who was still low key and I decided to take the leap and got his somewhat hidden coaching.

We started working together and the type of information he shared with me was not what I had become used to with the courses I got before...

I could feel that he had good intentions but after so much failure...

... I Still Had Doubts About the Method.

I was uncertain despite the fact that I knew that a similar system was being used by the gurus.

However, I gave the method a shot...

Within less than 24 hours after implementing it entirely, I saw notifications popup in my email inbox one after the other.

Surprisingly, despite being told about the powerful nature of this technique, I was not necessarily looking for the great results I got RIGHT OF THE BAT.

It definitely was not a fluke...

I employed the method partially and even mixed it with other strategies and it worked again and again.

After you get to the solution, you may find out that there is now more clarity.

There is a difference between following a generic "course" on list building that tries to sandbag you and actually applying the fail proof methods that successful marketers use to build their own lists.

Here is the deal: Once you have a significant list of targeted subscribers who are looking for what you have to offer...

... Making money can become as simple as sending an email and wait to see the cash roll into your pockets.

In short...

...There were some simple but wicked elements that had to be part of the equation and some others that needed to be avoided like the plague.

All of this was because I actually had someone nice share with me what he was doing.

This was what I had to follow, not those doubtful techniques or loopholes where the rotten apple spoils the barrel. Of course...

No More Bamboozle Method, I Tried to Model The Method That Already Worked

I am telling you; once you have a method that works, the need to jump from one method to another is likely to decrease.

With this effective formula, I did not have to be relying on other people's tactics to get a batch of queued new subscribers' notifications in my email inbox.

It was a whole new ball game that led to quick successes even if you have never made money online before.

Sometime after getting this working recipe, I was exposed to other methods.

Because I knew what worked not only for me but for successful internet marketers, I could see why these different methods where not likely to give me the unexpected results I was already having.

The truth was out!

Now that I know that this stuff works, I have the privilege of sharing it with the world. I believe that we let...

The Cat Out of The Bag.

So Without Further Ado Let Me Introduce You To...

"Lead Juggernaut System"

It is clear that you can't judge a book by its cover (in this case a video call). However, I can assure you that Lead Juggernaut System is not the average type of products I have seen out there.

Here's just a taste of what's inside this video call. . .

  • You will have revealed to you free gifts ideas that have been proven to be subscribers magnets.
  • You will get a rolodex of simple free tools that may already be on your computer to spit out free gifts without spending a cent.
  • You'll be exposed to the exact underground location where you'll find an abundance of high quality images that will make you instantly stand out as a professional in your niche. Once you learn this secret you may not have to spend another dime on a graphic again!
  • Inside this interview will be revealed the exact and exclusive location where you are going to be able to find an abundance of high quality images that may save you from having to spend hundreds of dollars on graphics designer
  • The exact underground website, I exploit to place my product in front of thousands of raving buyers who DEMAND what I've got to offer. You can do the same WITHOUT years of trial and error!
  • Discover the 4 cash printing secret you need to be using that will make or break the profitability of your list building campaign. Applying this secret could simply mean cash in your pocket.
  • You will be shown how to grab oodles of subscribers with the same amount of traffic.
  • What is a somewhat secret traffic source that could haul you jumbles of targeted traffic to your squeeze page without breaking sweat.
  • Discover some wicked but very simple tactic to grab your subscriber and possibly make them to hand you money.
  • Stop the confusion and hear about the Trojan horses techniques to multiply the potential income you could drive out of your list.
  • You don't like getting bombarded with multiple daily emails, right? Neither does the people on your list. You will be told how many emails to send them.
  • And more...

Read What Others Have To Say . . .

Let's Talk "Value"

Now If I told you this product were to cost $5,000, would that be worth your time to do.

What you want,

When you want and with...

Whoever you want for the rest of your life?

Sure? You too may have seen someone swipe his credit card for $5,000 at best buy on flat screen television..

And the fact of the matter is no matter how entertaining some shows may be, watching television MAY NOT CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

But. Don't worry I am not going to charge you anywhere near that.

In fact, you won't even pay close to half of that $2,500.

Because I know even though these tactics are worth their weight in gold, I understand that the average person just getting started simply may not afford such a hefty price tag.

In Fact, It will be much, much less than that.

So here's what I will do. For the action takers only, I'm practically going to let you take this training from me.

Cause for the next people who purchase this product I am going to give you instant access to "The Lead Juggernaut System" for the rock bottom price of $97 $17.

"But Wait...There's More!"

A $47.00 Value: You get an exclusive "Mega List Building Case Study"!

This is a jam packet case study shared by an under the radar internet marketer who built a list of 3000 subscribers within weeks with a free source of fresh and targeted leads. You even get to see the emails that were used in the process.

With trial and error it could take up to a year before reaching 3,000 subscribers if you don't know what you're doing, and this information is literally worth thousands of dollars, but I'm willing to hand this over to you 100% FREE if you decide to purchase "Lead Juggernaut System" today.

Now YOU can cut the learning curve and go straight for the exact method he used, to grow a big list for CHEAP.

This is a case study that's already PROVEN to deliver RESULTS!

This "Case Study" alone is worth the entire price of this Product because it eliminates one possible reason people FAIL at list-building: Very Expensive Traffic!

"Feeling Uncertain About Success?"

Perhaps you know it is the right thing to do, but there are some things in your mind.

Building a list is not that important if I can make sales by direct linking to offers.

Yes, it definitely possible to make sales without having to build a list. However after the sale is done you may have to look for more people who may be interested in the offer you are promoting.

When you build a list you are attempting to give yourself more opportunities to sell but you are also building a relationship with the subscriber. The relationship you have with a subscriber may increase the possibility that this person buys multiple products from you in the future.

Moreover, the majority of the people who are sent to the page you are promoting may not buy right then and there. Building a list permits to market your offer more than once to those who did not purchase the first time.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Let me be as transparent as humanly possible.

Not everyone will make money from this formula.

The sad truth is that not everyone is willing to put in the effort that is required to put this money making process in motion.

However, for the ones who truly want to become successful.

Inside you will discover a way to start making money online.

The faster you get through this easy to follow video and apply what you learn. The sooner you may discover how to create instant deposits into your bank account.

"Do I Have To Buy More Products To Make Money With Your System."

Like any real money making opportunity the more you invest the faster you may bring a return on your investment.

Now, I understand that everyone gets started, with different financial means.

And if you are on a fixed budget, I understand that every penny counts and you need to keep the costs down to bare minimum while maximizing your ability to bring in cash.

Due to this take advantage of my free $47.00 "The Mega list building case study" for you to see how to suck up over 3,000 plus leads by using free traffic sources. (Which could be a game changer for you business.)

Now, even though I could say that I am giving away everything that is offered in this letter for a low price. There is just no way around some fixed costs, for instance you simply can't get around having a website, hosting and Autoresponder. The good news is you could get it all for less than $23.

Then once the frequency of your money deposits increases more rapidly, you can reinvest the extra cash you make back into your system to speed up your money making process.

Yes! Tikyda...I want my visitors to be unconsciously sucked into my squeeze page and open their wallets repeatedly for me.

  • Show me live how to swallow batches of subscribers with the same amount of hits.
  • Give me a blueprint to be able to push out valuable free gifts that my subscribers will love.
  • Reveal to me a rolodex of free tools that I may already have to churn out free gifts without spending a dime.
  • Bring to light mystery tactics to drive laser targeted traffic to my squeeze page.
  • Disclose to me the wicked method that could make some subscribers who wanted out of my list change their mind..
  • Let me learn about the Trojan horses strategies that could be used to increase the cash produced by my list.
  • Who said that I had to reinvent the wheel? Tell me the crispy details that should help me get moolah from my subscribers.
  • And more...

Just think about it: Do you want to follow methods that don't produce results and silently sit at your desk for hours fighting with the all too frequent shiny object or would you rather go for a method that could help you?

You have the choice. I know that you are aware of which of these two choices could actually help you in your list building journey.

My "60 Day Money Back" Guarantee

I simply do not want your money, if you do not see the value of this product after your purchase. That is why...

If for ANY reason you are not happy with...

"Lead Juggernaut System" within the first 60 days of your purchase I want you to ask me for a full and prompt refund.

And I will let you keep my $47.00 Free Bonus just for giving "Lead Juggernaut System" a fair shot.


Tikyda Couassi-Ble

P.S. Let's face it. If you want to actually be able to possibly build converting squeeze pages fast, get targeted traffic and know how to earn from your list, this is an offer you should check out while it is still possible.

P.P.S. What are you waiting for? You have a 60 days money back guarantee. Thus, if within these 60 days you decide that this is not for you, please send me a message so that I can issue you a full refund.

P.P.P.S. Let me explain. This is an exclusive offer that I don't know how long I will be offering at the current price. You'll be told clearly list building strategies that can produce results. Your FREE bonus, Case Study: 3,000 Subscribers Within Weeks will give you an effective method to drive loads of targeted traffic quickly - even before you listen to the program! Grab this video call while it is within your reach.

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